I was interviewed by SEEK for their Career Advice webpages to discuss the life and responsibilities of a Web and PHP Developer.

As part of the Career Insights program, hundreds of people were interviewed for a wide range of jobs. I was filmed for both Web Developer and PHP Developer roles. I believe I was the only person featured in two videos, which I found to be quite a compliment.


My view at St Kilda Studios…


There was no prior practice for this. I showed up and was asked a bunch of questions about the jobs. After 25 years in the field, I guess there’s not much I don’t know!

I scrubbed up quite well in the final result!


Here’s a snapshot of the other roles and people interviewed: Baker, Clerk, Lawyer, Nurse, Teacher, Welder, Accountant—the list goes on and on and on and on.


Here’s a bunch of other roles from the YouTube library…


I can’t bring myself to watch the videos because I find it difficult to see myself on TV, but feel free to search for them on YouTube or visit the SEEK website to see if you can spot me. It might be easier to find me there.

Also thanks to RealPeople for getting me the gig.