Home schooling begins and current systems get overloaded due to high demands.

It wasn’t a surprise to the ‘Web Developer’ when parents couldn’t access content for the start of homeschooling during the Covid 19 lock down. With videos and pdfs already downloaded the night before I made them available on the Think Soda server so parents could get started.

It’s always mind blowing to see how much content can be downloaded at once without the server flickering.

Here we can see the first day of term Weds 15th April showing 27.96GB of downloads from 77 parents.

And most of this was between 09:00 and 10:00 in the morning.

So disappointing to see that IE is still a majority share!

I kept this going for about a week until services increased resources and got back to a new normal. There was absolutely no affect to any other service on the TS  server cluster.

A nice little test for me…

Crazy times!