“The best digital design is invisible”

This time for Digidebates it was all about Invisible Design and I was on the against team with two others, Jim Murray and Kristen Mark.

Our tack was thus:

Invisible design is about technology serving us, and us not being a slave to the technology, but can we truly trust it, is it the best?

This is me and my screen facing the audience – they were right there!

Being quite cynical I feel I argued my case well by outlining all the failures of Interactive Invisibility. Auto correct, junk mail filters and Siri often get it wrong with me. Now imagine accidentally unlocking your car with bluetooth and the world of auto driving cars – are we really ready to trust this level of invisibility?

The plot thickened and unfortunately we just lost the debate. Although we pulled back a lot of numbers from the starting poll where we were clearly up against it.

There is way too much cool stuff out there to argue the case against Invisible Design.

Really great experience to be part of this – thanks to Leigh Gamon and Che Proximity in Richmond!