What is a web developer?

In early 2021 during one of the many Melbourne lockdowns, I was asked to put together a 3 part presentation for all the Recruiters at Aquent as part of their DIGIBYTES learning program. The aim was to cover the question “What is a web developer”. I started with the very basics as an introduction for the new Recruiters, to then, the more complex areas of the developer role for more experienced staff.

Front and back end languages.


I basically tried to give a snapshot of everything during the 3 lectures.

The first and last lecture was really good. Introducing the actual role of a web developer in a team and their part of the project process. What their skills can be (creative, technical or both). Then some language knowledge such as HTML, CSS, JS and php and where they sit in terms of front or back end with what they basically do.

The dreaded second lecture!


I did feel like I lost quite a lot of people in the second lecture when I started talking about JS frameworks, React, Vue and Angular. But it was good to have a real life techie moment where the only person who knew what was going on was me! This is how it can feel sometimes. Often I am the only person who understands the technical components for a solution. It can be lonely, and that felt like a good demonstration of how much the rest of a team puts their trust into web developers.

Responsive design…


Finishing off I put it all together and introduced a soft Agile approach with some basic devops.

Agile and iteration…


I designed all the screens using Balsamiq, which was really cool, neat and just felt right – you know what I mean don’t you!

I was lucky to have this experience and share my knowledge with such a great team of people. But also to demonstrate my ability to explains things in a simple and easy manner. I feel this is one of my strengths and why teams want me there to face their clients.

Thanks as ever Aquent!